Constantly staying updated with the latest trends and best practices in frontend development, I strive to deliver intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that leave a lasting impact.
Backed by extensive experience and a deep understanding of backend development, I am skilled in designing and building robust and scalable server-side applications. Leveraging my problem-solving abilities and attention to detail, I thrive in delivering innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project.
Programming Languages
Full Stack Web Developer
I was presented with a great opportunity to work with Moto and his team. I worked on frontend development where i put my best efforts to develop UI according to the requirements, api development using Laravel, api integration, bug fixing and providing creative solutions that solves client problems. Feedback from Moto and his team also helped me to improve alot.
Freelancer on Fiverr
Full Stack Web Developer
I happened to come across with some amazing personalities on Fiverr, that allowed me to work on their projects. I mostly worked on Fronted, using Vuejs. Using capacitor technology, I also helped small business holders and developed small hybrid applications for mobiles for them
Fatima Sugar Mills
Database Developer Internee
I had the opportunity to work with Oracle tools such as Oracle Report builder, Bi publisher. I learned about SQL, PL/SQL. Mr, Muhammad Ajmal helped me a lot. After that internship, I felt confident enough to work on real world projects.
University of engineering and Technology, Taxila
Software Engineering (2017-2021)
Apart from achademics, I also performed well in other areas:
  • With bunch of friends, we won Hackathon in 2019 hosted at Air University, Islamabad
  • Joined Softdesk Society for extra currical activities
  • Contributed for hosting many events and workshops, and acquired the position of Head of Graphics
I am a highly skilled Full Stack Web Developer with expertise in Vue.js, Laravel, and building interactive web applications. With a strong focus on user experience, I am passionate about creating engaging and intuitive interfaces. My proactive and detail-oriented approach, along with excellent communication skills, allows me to deliver high-quality work that exceeds client expectations.